Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Service

The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding. Specializing in stock and high performance Harley-Davidson®, we are equipped to make your motorcycle suitable for you and your taste. We have top factory-trained technicians on duty during all business hours.

We honor all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

Performance isn’t just a standard – it’s a state of mind, especially when it comes to Harley®. Our Harley-Davidson® Certified Technicians are the Zen Masters of Performance. In fact, they can take your bike, whether it’s a big Twin or a Sportster®, from stock to as high as a 10 percent gain in horsepower with just a few minor adjustments. Wanna upgrade your Harley® motorcycle? Stop by our Service Department and we’ll get you all fixed up!

Our state of the art dyno room can help diagnose, fix, and increase performance on your motorcycle. We can perform a base line diagnostic run and let you know exactly how your bike is running and then suggest ways to maximize that performance.